Skin Care Tips

Let’s take care of that skin, sis!!

GUYS. Taking good of your skin is SO important. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. So, you HAVE to take care of it! I have had a serious skincare regimen since I was 19 years old.  One time, an old roommate of mine told me that your skin starts to degenerate at the age of 20 and it STAYED with me, haha! Needless to say, I started using an eye cream approximately a week later and have never turned back. Now my skincare regimen may not work for everyone, but it may give you some ideas and a good starting point! So, let’s jump into it!

Step One: Girl, WASH YOUR FACE! 

I have used this face wash for 5 years now. The Artistry Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser is THE BEST! This cleanser helps repair visable skin damage, dimishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time! It is super hydrating and nourishing to the skin.

Step Two: TONE IT.

Toning your skin can not only grab the extra crap off your skin that your cleanser may have missed, but it will also help lock in your skin’s natural moisture. I use Artistry Advanced Softening Toner. This stuff is FAB! It has a lightweight and milky formula and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated!

Step Three: SERUM. THAT’S IT.

Your skin can really benefit from a serum. Now, I would definitely encourage you to try out different serums and find one that works best for your skin! I have found my go-to for sure! I have been using the Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment. Vitamin C helps your skin fight against wrinkles and the Hyaluronic Acid in this serum leaves skin super hydrated and plumped! 

Step Four: That Skin Ain’t Gonna Moisturize Itself

I use a different moisturizer during the day and at night. I want my moisturizer during the day to hydrate, help minimize my poors, and keep my skin soft. My nighttime moisturizer definitely does more of the heavy lifting. During the day, I use Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher. This moisturizer makes my skin SO soft and really minimizes my pores, which is A WIN! This moisturizer also absorbs oil for up to 8 hours, which makes it a great base for makeup. My nighttime moisturizer is called Artistry Youth Xtend™ Enriching Cream (for Normal-to-Dry Skin). This is going to help increase moisture levels in your skin over night! It is incredibly hydrating and lasts forever! And it reduces wrinkles!

Step Five: Eye Cream is THE MOVE

Eye cream prevents dullness, puffiness, dark circles, AND wrinkles! ALL the benefits, guys!! I use an eye cream before I go to bed every night! Artistry Supreme LX Regenerating Eye Cream is my go to, but it is definitely a little bit of an investment. This stuff lasts me about 4 months because a LITTLE goes a long way! But it makes a visable difference in my eyes. I have used it for 3 years now and I am super loyal to it. I have also used the Rodan + Fields Multifunction Eye Cream for day time if you are looking for something a little less expensive! 

Do you have a skincare routine? What products are your fave? I am pretty loyal to my “tried and true” products but I am ALWAYS up for trying something new! Let me know below! Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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