Top 10 Things to Bring in your Carry On

If you are new around here, you may not know that traveling is one of my passions! I love going to new places, experiencing new cultures, and learning new things about the world!

Now, my passion for travel has called me to get on some super long flights! And from the flights I have taken in the past few years, I have come up with a pretty full proof carry on packing list for you! Here are my TOP TEN items I always pack on my carry on bag. 

  1. Travel Blanket:

GUYS. THIS blanket is everything! My sister in law got this for me for my 23rd birthday and I don’t get on a flight without it. This travel blanket is so great because it does not take up a lot of space since it folds into a tiny pouch! The blanket has a hole to fit your head through, which helps the blanket stay in place and there is a pouch in the front that is perfect for holding your phone and personal items! 

  1. Multipurpose Wipes

So, airplanes are kind of gross. Lots of people come in and out of airplanes and although they are cleaned after each flight, sometimes they aren’t cleaned with a whole lot of care. I personally use THESE wipes to wipe down the seat, armrests, and tray table. Let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for getting sick on your big trip! 

  1. Travel Neck Pillow

Here’s the deal, it is super important to sleep on long flights. Especially when there is a time change where you are going. Getting off a flight feeling refreshed as possible and ready to hit the ground running is super THE MOVE! THIS is my go to pillow for flights. It wraps all the way around your neck, giving a little extra cushion if you like to sleep to your side.

  1. Under Eye Masks 

My under eyes get SUPER puffy after any flight – so I swear by THESE under eye masks. They use activated charcoal to detox your skin and help de-puff your under eyes. They make you feel really refreshed and awake! 

  1. Slippers

Long flights can be a little uncomfortable at times. And listen, I am the kind of girl who LOVES a good pair of shoes. BUT. Comfort is IMPORTANT! I always bring cozy socks and a good pair of slippers on flights. When you are in the air for a while, your feet and legs can swell due to lack of movement – so sometimes your shoes can feel a little tighter than normal. THESE are the ones I bring on flights with me!

  1. Reusable Waterbottle

The air can get super dry on the plane, sis. And you need to stay hydrated! THIS reusable water bottle is the one I have brought on the last few trips and loved.  It is super great because it collapses as well, so it saves a little space on your carry on.  

  1. Face Wipes

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a clean face, ya know? I use THESE face wipes from the drug store. They are SUPER well priced and work really well. They make my face feel nice and clean and it takes your make up off as well! 

  1. Portable Power Bank

This was a lifesaver when we were in Europe! A portable Power Bank is great to have around on the flight and when you are out and about on your trip. Jordan bought THIS one and we love it! It has 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 devices at once!

  1. A change of clothes – and I mean EVERYTHING

Panties, bra, jeans, a top, leggings, sweatshirt, WHATEVER floats your boat! You never know what will happen when you are flying! You could have an unexpected layover or GOD FORBID your luggage gets lost – you always want to be prepared! 

  1. Moisturizer

I bring face and hand lotion on every flight. The air gets super dry on the plane and you want to keep your skin hydrated! THIS moisturizer is amazing and super hydrating if you are looking for a facial moisturizer. It is a little pricey BUT it leaves your skin glowy. I also love THIS hand cream. It is small so it fits pretty much anywhere. A little goes a long way – so it lasts FOREVER! 

I hope this helps give you a few ideas for things to bring on your next flight! 

What do you guys think? What do you bring on your flights? Leave your comments below! Let’s all work together to make the world’s best packing list! 

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