Curls For Days!

            I’ve said it once, and I will say it again! Part of what is making me feel a little more normal during this time is continuing to get ready for the day almost everyday. With that being said, I have had A LOT of time to perfect my everyday curls! I have a few products I use, know, and love that help me achieve big, voluminous curls and I wanted to share them with you! Now, these may not be for everyone – but I have found they really do work well and I would absolutely recommend you give them a shot!

Miracle Blowdry Volumizer from It’s a 10

I know what you are thinking…. I wouldn’t use this when I curl my hair. I get it! BUT this products helps me achieve a little extra volume when I blowdry my hair. It sets me up for success if you will! My hair lays pretty flat to my head naturally so any boost I can get is appreciated and necessary! If you struggle with your hair staying pretty flat to your head as well, this could be a great option for you to try out!

Aveda Damage Remedy Leave In Conditioner

I know I have told you before I am not one of those “wash your hair everyday” kind of people. If you are, I admire your patience!! If I had to blowdry my hair every day…… ugh just thinking about it is no fun! ANYWAY. Since I am using quite a bit of heat on my hair, I am a really big believer in a leave in conditioner. Now, I use the Aveda Damage Remedy Leave In Conditioner – but there are a ton of leave in conditioners out there! Try out a few and see what you like! This may not help with volume, but it will help keep the integrity of your hair. PLUS it will help your ends not look brittle and yucky. Heat can do a lot of damage – make sure you are taking care of that hair!

IGK Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

I am 100% guilty of using dry shampoo before I actually need to. Not because my hair is feeling a little greasy, but because the lift it gives my roots is AWESOME. Seriously… I spray a little of this stuff in my hair and I feel like I am a couple inches closer to God LOL! I never spray a lot – a little goes a long long long way with this specific product. But I love the boost it gives me and normally I don’t have to reapply it for a few days. Yes, its that good. If you are looking for a good drug stor alternative – the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo could be a great option as well! It does that same thing – you may just need to use a little more product!

Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair

 DANG SIS. If you are looking for a good root lifter at a drug store price – HERE IT IS! This powder is odorless and colorless, so it won’t leave you looking like you have greys! A WIN! It gives you a nice lift at the root, but you can use it all over! It is a texture powder as well. I only have to use it once when I curl my hair! No reapplication needed if you are wanting to curl your same hair for the next few days. Another bonus… you can find it at your local stores like Target and Walmart!

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

I have been talking a lot about the root of my hair being lifted. Honestly, that is where I find I have the most work that needs done lol. But I spray this bad boy all over my head and BOOM. Fuller hair all over. You can use this product on wet and dry hair depending on your needs! Another thing I love about this particular texture spray is that is is not sticky at all! It leaves a pretty matte finish on your hair. UGH. I LOVE.

            Now most of the time, I am not using all of these products at once. I use them each for different things. If I feel like my roots need a lift, I will pop on my Powder Play. If the rest of my hair looks lifeless, I will use my texture spray. It completely depends on what I feel my hair needs that day! What are some of your fave products to help achieve volume? Let me know! I am always in the market!

XO- Kelly

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