Clap Don’t Compete

Do you ever find yourself looking at someone on Instagram who makes you immediately start to pick yourself apart? You start to stare at the people that you follow and they seem like the have it completely together. First of all I HAVE BEEN THERE. It’s easy to let thoughts creep in like “Am I doing enough?” or “Why is she so far ahead? What am I doing wrong?” But you need to stop doing that. Stop belittling what you are doing just because you are feeling insecure someone else is doing more. Comparison is the thief of joy, friend! So stop comparing yourself to others and clap for them instead.

There are so many things in this world that make us feel like we aren’t enough. We aren’t smart enough. We aren’t tough enough. We aren’t skinny enough. And that is truly a shame. But do you know what can combat those voices in our heads? CHEERLEADERS. People who encourage others and root for them. People who know that other’s success DOES NOT MEAN THEIR FAILURE. And we all need to work on being a little more like those people.

Here’s the thing, friends. We don’t know what the people we admire online have been through to get where they are. Instead of competing and comparing ourselves to them, let’s clap for them. Let’s use them as motivation, connect with them on social media, and tell them how much you admire their drive and spirit! They aren’t the enemy – they are your inspiration! And how special is that!? You know what else is pretty special? That you, yourself, in your own right, are someone else’s inspiration. And wouldn’t you hope they aren’t comparing themselves to you?

It is engrained in our brains that if someone has more than you that you aren’t doing enough. But that isn’t true! What you are doing is important and spectacular. And there is no reason to compare yourself to someone else. Don’t steal your joy like that. Instead, add to someone else’s joy by being their “hype girl”! So don’t compete with others. CLAP for others. Your positive attitude and constant encouragement is not only good for the people around you, but good for you and your heart, too.

So cheer as loud as you can! Bring your blow horns, your pompoms, your megaphones, and those things they have at soccer games that make loud noises LOL. Be LOUD when you encourage others. Because I truly believe, it will be contagious.

I am cheering for you! And I love you! Thank you for being here!

All my love,


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