What to Do When You are Feeling Uninspired

I love writing. Ugh, I love it so much. Sometimes, if I think about it for too long I start to tear up. I know it sounds so ridiculous but it’s true. I love it. It is such a positive creative outlet for me. I know it may sound silly but I feel my most beautiful and purest when I sit down to write in the morning by myself. Just me, my cup of coffee, my laptop, and my writing playlist.

            I want to make sure I provide good content in this space. Stuff you can relate to… ya know? But I also promised to be super real on here, so I am going to be. No matter how much I love writing, sometimes it is tough. And the past few weeks I have had a hard time finding inspiration. I have felt a little overwhelmed with all the thoughts in my head, but when I sit down to write them all on paper – I freeze up. I started thinking to myself that I can’t be the ONLY person this happens to. And maybe it isn’t with writing, but maybe you tense up and can’t focus on your work project. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the kiddos and you are losing inspiration and motivation. Maybe you are a team leader or a manager, and you are struggling to keep your crew encouraged because you yourself are losing motivation. It happens. And it is okay.

            I have curated a little list of things I do when I need inspiration, motivation, or a breath of fresh air. I have found these tips really help me and I hope they can help you too!

  1. Step outside

Pretty simple, right? I am blessed to have the job I do, but it is a desk job. I am sitting at a desk for a large portion of the day. And after I get off work, I am sitting at this very computer writing and creating content for my passion project. That is a lot of screen time. So when I am feeling overwhelmed – I take a few minutes and step outside. It is honestly amazing what a few breaths of fresh air will do for you. I come back in feeling a little more rejuvenated and ready to push forward and knock things out.

2. Move your body

If I need to clear my mind, I work out. Moving my body helps for a few reasons. Number one, it gives me something to focus on besides what I am trying to write about. Number two, it gives me a boost, because ya know, endorphins and stuff lol. But really though, I have a much clearer mind after I move my body. Your workout doesn’t need to last 45 hours people. A quick 30 minute walk would suffice. But I promise you, you will come back with a clearer picture of what you need to accomplish.

3. Dance

I have this trashy playlist from college that I love. It is really a mix of everything – there is no rhyme or reason to it. It has songs by Hoodie Allen and TPain and Taylor Swift on it. There are a couple of Disney songs in there and a Kanye song or two. If I am being honest, most of the songs have memories of dancing at fraternity parties with my best friends attached to them. That is probably why I love it so much. But when I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, I get up and dance a little. GIGGLE ALL YOU WANT FRIENDS. IT WORKS. You’ll be SHOOK at what a little dance to “Buy U A Drank” by TPain or “Die Young” by Ke$sha will do for you. Try it and report back. I promise you’ll love it.

4. Spend time pouring into yourself

This includes the following: listen to your favorite podcast, read 20 minutes out of a book, watch a comedy sketch on youtube (my faves are the ones Kevin Hart does), watch an episode of a tv show that makes you smile, call a friend who inspires you, drink a glass or two of water, listen to your favorite song, take your dog or cat or kid on a walk. ANYTHING that makes you take a little time for yourself. You are the most important investment you ever make. Do something that makes you feel recharged and ready to take on the tasks ahead. Take care of yourself.

5. Sit in silence

I know what you are thinking. “You are telling me you think I should sit silently by myself. Just me and my own thoughts? Ew.” I feel you, trust me.   But it is the best way to sort out all of those thoughts swirling around in that pretty head of yours. It helps you quiet your mind a little bit so you are able to sift through all the crap that that good stuff is hidden under. Being still and silent for 20 minutes could be exactly what you need to get refocused.

            Some of these may work for you… some of them may not! But these 5 “strategies” have helped me regain inspiration in times of desperation. When I am feeling blocked or exhausted, I take a few minutes to do at least one of these five things. And I can tell you with certainty I have never regretted it. I always s come back feeling better than before. And I hope you do, too.

Stay inspired, my people! I love you endlessly!



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