Stocking Stuffers for the Guys!

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Who has a hard time shopping for the men in their life? PLEASE tell me I am not the only one. I swear, every time I ask the men in my family what they want for the holidays, the answer is almost always “I don’t know!” Which makes shopping for them seemingly impossible LOL! I did a little research for ya, asked some friends and family what they would like in their stocking, and curated a list for ya! SO, let’s get into it!

Whiskey Spheres

I purchased these as part of a gift for a family member. I got them in the mail and could not believe the amazing quality they have! They are a super great stock stuffer for anyone who loves whiskey! I love that they are so chic!

Kabob Grilling Baskets

For the man in your family that loves to grill – these kabob grilling baskets are an awesome gift! These are made from steel wire and have a hardwood handle. The basket design makes for super easy flipping AND it has awesome reviews! They come in a set of four!

Bombas Wool Socks

Bombas is a really cool company. For every piece of apperal purchased, one is donated to a homeless shelter. We LOVE  a for purpose business around here! Both of my brothers have a few pairs of these socks and they really like them! The wool pair is perfect for the winter!

Portable Charger

I added this on my gift guide for the girls – but I feel like everyone needs a portable charger. This one is a little more on the expensive side, but it is worth it. We own this one and LOVE it. We use it daily. It holds a charge for a LONG time, too!

Back Scratcher

This is an inexpensive find that will probably be put to good use! Who doesn’t love their back scratched!? This has great reviews online and is an “Amazon’s Choice” for back scratchers!

Beard Oil

I did some research on beard oils and this one seems to be a crowd fave! It is fragrance free, reasonably priced, AND it has over 6,000 4.5 star reviews. I count that as a win for sure! Everyone’s skin is different – be sure to do a little research of your own as well!

Coffee Warmer

For the guy who is working from home and can’t seem to finish his coffee before it get cold – this is a great stocking stuffer! You can just set your coffee mug on this heater and it keeps your coffee warm! You do have to plug it in – just a heads up!

Burger Smasher

Another idea for the grill-lover. This burger smasher smashes patties into the ideal burger size! We are planning on getting a grill this summer and you better believe I will be getting this for Jordan!!

Emergency Car Kit

This one isn’t as fun, but I am pretty confident it will be an appreciated gift. This may not be able to fit in a stocking, BUT it is $25 so I would consider it a higher priced stocking stuffer. This kit comes with 8 ft. 8 guage jumper cables, 2 screw driver tips, a LED flashlight, a poncho, orange safety vest, a roll of duct tape, AND a first aid kit. This if for the guy who wants to be prepared for any situation, lol. I bought one of these for Jordan for our car a few minutes after I read reviews. This would be a GREAT gift for young drivers as well!

Power Inverter

We have this and have used it for the past 5 years. This is PERFECT for road trips. You can plug it right into your auxiliary power outlet ( the cigarette lighter in your car ) and BOOM. You have one 110V AC outlet and two USB outlets. No more fighting over the car charger!

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            And there you have it friends!! A few stocking stuffer ideas for the guys! I hope this helps you fill those stockings full of things they will love! Or at least gave you a little inspo on what to get them!

            As always, holler if you have any questions! I am happy to help!



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