Let’s Get Physical!

            With the COVID19 outbreak in 2020, ya girl packed on a few extra pounds. I was eating a lot of cookie dough, dipping a lot of chips in queso, and drinking a good amount of wine. One day I went to put on my jeans and they straight up didn’t button. Not like the “oh these are TIGHT but I can think skinny thoughts, button them, and hope they stretch out during the day.” I mean like WILL NOT BUTTON. I was a little nervous to go to the gym but I didn’t have any gym equipment at home. My girlfriend had read some reviews online for a bike and decided to purchase it. We had been chatting about purchasing a Peloton bike, but we weren’t sure about making the financial commitment, because, ya know, it is SUPER expensive.  After a few weeks of having it, she decided that she didn’t really need it and I decided to buy it from her. 8 months later, and I am SO HAPPY I did! So, let’s chat stationary bike!

What kind of bike do you have?

I have THIS (CLICK HERE) kind of bike. It is by Sunny Health and Fitness and you can purchase it on Amazon! It is literally under $350. LOVE a thrifty moment. The model that I have is actually a year older but the specs of the bike are the same. It also has over 4,500 reviews online! I have a

What do you love about the bike?

SO MANY THINGS. First, the price. You literally can’t beat it. I also like how smooth it rides – it feels high quality but is super budget friendly. It is super sturdy and doesn’t wobble at all. It is also easy to move! My bike lives on our ground floor and I move it from the hallway to in front of the TV almost every day! The wheels in the front make it so easy to get from place to place. The pedals also have straps on them which I have really come to appreciate! When you are doing sprints on the bike – the likelihood of your foot slipping out at some point is pretty high. The straps on the pedals help your feet stay in place and keep you safe! Another great thing about this bike is that it is pretty quiet – so if I wake up early and work out in the morning I don’t bug the hubs!

What would you change about the bike?

I wish I could see my cadence on this bike! I know there are different attachments you can purchase to figure out exactly what your cadence is, but I haven’t committed to purchasing one just yet. The only other thing I would change about the bike would be the seat adjustment. It does stick a little. I haven’t had to move it at all since I got it to where I need to be – but if you are going to be sharing the bike with someone else – it is worth noting! This is more user preference because of how I use the bike, but I also wish I could see the resistance percentage. You will pay a pretty penny for a bike that you can see that though. The only reason I wish I had it is because I use the Peloton app for workouts, and during cycling classes they will call out those sort of numbers. I use my best judgement and try to push myself without knowing the specific numbers though – and it seems to be doing the trick!

How do you use the bike?

When I first got the bike, I used to hop on it and just ride for 30-45 minutes. Now, as I said above, I use the Peloton App – and I LOVE IT! I needed a little direction and for someone to push me. The trainers on this app do just that! There are all kinds of classes, from HIIT to Climbs to a normal ride. You are able to choose different kinds of music, instructors, and lengths of the ride – so you can tailor your workout to benefit you! The Peloton App is about $13/month and is worth every penny.

Would you recommend this piece of equipment?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are considering purchasing a piece of workout equipment, this is a great option! I would buy it again in a heartbeat!

I know lots of you have questions about the bike I use and how I use it! I hope this blog post helps you and points you in the right direction! As always, holler if you have any questions at all! I am happy to help you (and would love to be your workout buddy!)



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