My girlfriend Kayla and I go on at least one Girls Trip a year.  With the COVID19 Pandemic last year, we obviously didn’t get to plan one. So you best believe, this year we went BIG and planned a super fun trip to South Beach, Florida! I prefer a colder vacation and Kayla prefers the beach, so we switch who picks where we are going every year. Obviously by the title of this post, it was Kayla’s year to pick! SO TO THE BEACH WE WENT!

            Now, if you are planning a visit to Miami soon, we learned a few things while we were there that I think would be useful to know! SO before we get into all the fun things we did, we can go over those.

  1. There is not a lot of “hustle” in Miami. All the restaurants we went to were not in a rush to get our drinks or food, which is a little different from what we are used to! Just prepare yourself for a little more laid back experience when you are out to grab a bite!
  2. Most of the restaurants in Miami that we went to could not split our bill. So be prepared to venmo back and forth quite a bit while you are there!
  3. Gratuity is already added to your bill most of the time. So you do not need to tip separately, unless you had SUPER great service or you are feeling extra generous!

OKAY – NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. We did lots of research on what to do while we were there and where to eat. We definitely ran into some duds along the way… but the things we did that we LOVED….WE REALLY REALLY LOVED! So, let’s get into it!


Kayla made a reservation here and I am SO happy she did! This place was super cute and right in the heart of South Beach. Aesthetically, it was ADORABLE and the food and drinks were super yummy! We got a Belgium Waffle to split, Kayla got fajitas, and I got chicken tacos and DANG FRIENDS. THEY WERE DELIGHTFUL. This place also had the best drinks we had the whole trip. We got a pitcher of the grapefruit + basil and it was seriously so refreshing.


For those of you who may not know, Gianni Versace lived on Ocean Drive in Miami before he passed. His giant mansion is now a restaurant and open to the public and it is so so cool! Biggest piece of advice I have for this spot is to make a reservation well in advance to your trip – they book up quickly! This is also probably the most expensive meal we had the entire trip – but dang it was worth it! The food and atmosphere are amazing. I got cacio e pepe and it came out IN A CHEESE WHEEL. A REAL CHEESE WHEEL. Kayla got steak and potatoes and her meal was amazing as well. The drinks we ordered were a flop – but honestly that was on us. We should have just ordered wine LOL.


If you are into shopping, going to the Miami Design District is a MUST. I am telling you, we spent a whole entire afternoon there. They have all kinds of luxury shopping and boutiques. It was such a cool spot. There are also all kinds of fun spots to get a snack! We stopped at the Laudree cart to get some macaroons and they were almost as good as the ones in Paris! Pro Tip – Wear something LIGHT!! Walking around shopping in the humidity in thick material is not the move – especially because a lot of these shops have a wait time to get in.


This spot is located right across from the Fendi store in the design district and was the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch if you are out shopping. This is a pop up café, so I am not sure how long it will be around but it was SO CUTE. Most food places in Miami are pretty expensive, and this was super fairly priced. It was so fun and the theme was AWESOME. It was designed to coincide with Fendi’s Summer 2021 line! I got a turkey avocado wrap and a latte and it was the best coffee we had the entire time we were there!


This spot is SERIOUSLY SO COOL. It is all outside seating and they had the yummiest frosé ever!! Another bonus? It is literally RIGHT on the beach. Like we took our drinks and walked on the beach while we waited for our food. It was seriously so cool. And the food was yummy, too!

And obviously… the beach. But I feel like that probably goes without saying LOL. There you have it, friends! These spots are our faves that we found in the Miami area, and I think you will love them, too! Have you ever been to Miami? What are some of your favorite spots?



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