I don’t know about you, but I am SO READY to really start traveling again. I have been on a few weekend trips this year, but we have some major trips coming up soon and I am so tickled about it! I can hardly wait! I always joke with Jordan that one of my favorite parts of vacation is being on the airplane. Especially for long haul flights. I grab my airplane blanket, my neck pillow, my headphones, and I pretty much binge as many movies as humanly possible. Same thing goes for road trips, too. I love picking a podcast or making a playlist of songs to sing in the car.

You guys know I love clothes, so picking out my travel OOTD is super fun for me. After traveling internationally a few times and doing some longer flights – I feel like I have just about NAILED the effortlessly chic and comfortable travel outfit. Honestly, the outfits I am about to share are made up of staple pieces from my wardrobe – and you probably have a good amount of these items in your closet already! WE LOVE WHEN WE CAN SHOP OUR CLOSET. So if you are planning your vacation and are looking for some travel outfit inspo, you came to the right place!

A FEW THINGS TO NOTE BEFORE WE HOP INTO THIS! The key to a good travel outfit is LAYERS. You will get hot/cold on the plane or in the car and you want to make sure you are comfortable. Another thing to mention is that if you are traveling via airplane and you have to go through security – DO NOT…I REPEAT DO NOT wear sandals. You will have to take your shoes off for security. And you will have to walk on that disgusting floor with your bare feet. And then you will have to board a plane and sit on it for hours with your dirty feet. Take my advice – buy yourself some slip on shoes.


Sweat Shorts, Tank Top, Denim Jacket, Casual Sneakers

I wore this exact outfit for my flight to Miami and not only was it super cute, but it was insanely comfortable. The layers were great because when I left Ohio it was chilly, but when I landed in Miami it was 85 degrees. The jacket kept me warm on the plane, and I tied it around my waist when we got out into the heat!


Leggings, Tshirt, Slip-on shoes (with socks), Flannel

If I have learned anything from traveling, it is that stretchy waistbands are your friend. When you are sitting in your seat on the plane and swollen from the altitude and dehydrated – you are going to LOVE those stretchy pants. You are not impressing anyone by wearing jeans on the airplane. Unless that’s your thing, then pop off sis. ANYWAY – This is going to be perfect for any vacation you are taking during the fall. The leggings will be comfy, the slip ons will be easy to get on and off while going through security, and you can throw your flannel on your waist if you get too hot, or pop it over your shoulders if you get cold.


Leggings, Leather jacket, Graphic Tshirt, Ball Cap, Casual Tennis Shoes

This outfit will have you feeling super chic and put together while still feeling super comfortable. Personally, I would do a black on black moment – black leggings and black jacket – but that is just me. I also love this outfit because it is chic enough to go out in after you land. Hungry and want a bite to eat as soon as you get off the plane? GREAT. YOU CAN LOOK FAB DOIN’ IT.


Matching Set, Demin Jacket or cardigan, Casual Sneakers

Matching sets are here to stay – and they can be for than just wearing around your house! Matching sets can be a great way to feel put together, without much thought at all. I mean literally, the outfit is already put together for you LOL. This is great for super early mornings when all you want to do is tumble out of bed and grab something to throw on. Add a little simple gold necklace and hoops and you are ready to roll.


Bike Shorts, Tank Top, White Button Up, Tennis Shoes

This athleisure moment will have you feeling super cute and comfortable. These simple pieces put together are effortless and make for the perfect throw and go outfit. Throw your hair in a ponytail or pop a ball cap on and you are ready to go!

And there you have it friends! Some travel outfit inspo for your next fun trip you have planned! Do you have a go to travel outfit you wear? Let me know!



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